Greek easter in Skiathos  is in April or May every year and if you want to visit Skiathos during that time, then is advisable to book your accommodation early.
Greek Orthodox Easter is at a different time of year than the Easter of the majority of other Christians.

The reason, is that the Greek Orthodox Church continued using the Julian Calendar, when most of the western world switched to the Gregorian calendar.
The other thing to keep in mind, is that Greece takes its religion a little more seriously than other countries.
No matter how religious you are, you will find a lot of pleasure in exploring Easter traditions in Skiathos
The traditions are very different than western Christians (catholic, protestants) and what other place is better to observe them from than the wonderful island of Skiathos
The main date is Easter Sunday, or Easter Day, which is when Christ’s Resurrection took place.
The fasting of Lent continues throughout Holy Week, which ends on Easter Sunday.Preparations begin on Holy Thursday. Easter bread “tsoureki” is baked and eggs are coloured with red dye. Red is the colour of life and also symbolic of the blood of Christ.

Good Friday is a day of mourning. The most devout do not eat or cook at all, but if any cooking must be done, it’s only simple foods such as tahini soup.Flowers are taken to church to decorate the ” Epitafios” a representation of the body of Christ, which is carried in a procession during a Service of Lamentation.

On Easter Saturday, families prepare “Magiritsa”, a soup made from lamb (or goat kid) offal and tripe, cooked on the stove with onions and herbs (plus an egg and lemon sauce that’s mixed in at the end). Sometimes it’s made with chicken instead. It’s usually left on a low heat when everyone goes to church in the evening so it can be eaten when they get back.



easter in Skiathos Greece

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