Accommodation and Boat rental in Skiathos

One of the best thinks we suggest to all our guests and customers is to explore Skiathos island . Skiathos is a small island with a large variety of beaches and places to visit .
The recipe for unforgettable vacation is a combination of thinks and we will try to suggest to you what we believe you must do on your summer vacation in Skiathos
A. Make sure and double check your holiday home to include all the amenities and comforts you will need . We try in House Villa Jasmin every year to improve and we always listen to our customers to any ideas to improve and get everything as it should be .
B . Rent a car or a motorbike and explore the mountains the monastery and the northern beaches , you will love it
C . Rent a motor boat , we believe that will be an experience you will remember . Yoy can rent a boat in our watersports center on Vassilias beach.
We offer new reliable boats and the most important we spend lot of time with you to explain everything with the smallest detail making sure you will have an unforgettable day
You don’t need a licence and you will able to explore all the beaches of Skiathos .
Skiathos has more then 60 sandy beaches
D. Learn how to waterski or wakeboard , or just have with our fun tables , sofa rides Stand up paddles canoes and much more !!

All the activities above we can prebook , or give you all in one package .
If you have any question please contact us we will very happy to answer any questions you might have

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